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Why buy when you can rent? At Vatupassi, we encourage and promote circular economy, renting machines and equipment instead of owning them – even just for environmental reasons alone. By renting, we can together curb overspending and stop the garages around the world from being filled up with hoards of possessions. Mother Nature will appreciate this too.

Our goal is to make our business permanently sustainable by 2025. Our sustainability actions support Finland’s carbon neutrality and environmental goals.

We have been using green electricity, with guarantees of origin, in almost all of our offices since 2021. Our Nurmes branch is the only exception, but we are working hard with the landlord of the facilities to ensure that we can have green electricity there too as soon as possible. Our goal is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. We operate in a field, where everything is centered around machines that use a lot of energy. That means that we also have great opportunities to control CO2 emissions. The equipment and machines we rent out are always inspected and cleaned, so their engines work and perform optimally and have long lifespans. We provide our customers with instructions on different measures they can take in order to reduce the CO2 emissions of the rental equipment.

All the properties we own are heated with green energy, and all the electricity we use is green electricity, produced with renewable energy by the electricity company Pohjois-Karjalan Sähkö. The heating of our Kuopio and Jyväskylä stores is green too. We use energy-efficient LED lights in all our new properties and also replace any remaining old lighting with new LED lights, as and when the old lights reach the end of their life-cycle. We have also stopped using disposable coffee cups.

Actions have an impact. By switching to renewable energy, we cut down our CO2 emissions by approximately 74 tonnes in a year. The amount can be compared to e.g. 150 or so return flights from Finland to New York, or to the electricity consumption of 30 single-family houses.

In addition to our own calculations, we analyse the environmental impact of our operations by taking part in the “Vihreä kädenjälki” (Green Handprint) survey. We have also been awarded the Green Deal certificate. We advise our customers that they should choose an option with less burden to the environment, even if that option means an increase in costs.

We also offer our customers a bio-alternative that can be used instead of fuel oil. In accordance with the Green Deal, we strive to increase the number of electric machinery in our catalogue. We use biodegradable hydraulic oil in a number of our equipment.

When our rental equipment starts getting older, but is still suitable for less frequent use, we sell the bigger machines on. The smaller machines and equipment are taken to WEEE and metal recycling.

Waste recycling is also done in all the Vatupassi branches around Finland. All of our locations have recycling stations for wood, iron, WEEE as well as energy waste. At our Oulu branch, there are separate recycling bins for plastics and cardboard too.

In 2021, we stopped using disposable coffee cups among our staff, and our customers get to enjoy their coffees in plastic-free biodegradable paper cups that can be recycled by pulping.

These concrete actions help us reduce the environmental burden caused by our operations.

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