A fair employer

For us, our employees have been the number one priority right from the get-go. It might sound like a cliché, but here at Vatupassi, the staff are like family. We are a family-owned business after all. That in turn means that we take good care of our employees and trust them – same as family.

And when our employees are happy, the customers like coming over to Vatupassi too.


At Vatupassi, the staff don’t need to strain themselves too hard running about. They can get from place to place with ease on electric bikes, courtesy of the employer. Excessive dashing around can also be reined in with the Firstbeat Life wellness solution that monitors stress and recovery. 

Should there be any illness, aches and pains, we have comprehensive occupational health care and voluntary work ability insurance. And because all our employees also have their own passions, in addition to the tools and equipment, we pay for everything from gym memberships and sports competition fees to massages and physical therapy, based on the preferences of our employees. We also pay everyone a bonus for not smoking. And that means everyone. Even those who have never smoked. 

We also understand that well-being encompasses not only physical health but also the inner workings of the mind. That’s why we are committed to supporting our employees’ mental health. As part of our comprehensive approach, we utilize a proactive mental well-being service known as Auntie. Through Auntie, Vatupassians can engage in confidential conversations with well-being professionals, addressing any pressing matters that weigh on their minds, whether related to work or personal life.

So, there are many ways to take care of one’s well-being, but it’s not a competition or about performance. The main thing is the overall wellness of our staff, everyone feeling good.


The Vatupassi staff are a smart bunch. Because we are open-minded developers of the tool and equipment rental branch, those who come to work for us tend to be open-minded too, and with a curious nature. And one’s hunger for knowledge does not stop, does it. The appetite just grows and grows. Here at Vatupassi we feed that hunger. We offer both in-house training and training courses outside the company, whenever a new hunger strikes.

One rule that we have is that you can’t work without permission. In other words, we are being very strict about the fact that all our employees have their permits and licences in order and up to date. And we have our well-trained bosses’ department to keep tabs on that. All our forepersons undergo a “10-month boot camp”, where the comradely, sociable and taking-care-of-others working culture of Vatupassi is instilled into them, creating the backbone of our company. A boss who is confident and up to their task isn’t going to be a nit-picker complaining about some frivolous things.


Our working culture here at Vatupassi is characterised by the fairness and flexibility of a family-run company. We take care of our own, which means that we share the responsibility, trust each other and help each other out without any micromanaging.

In general, we tend to keep the nit-picking and rigidity to a minimal. For us, a genuine and relaxed corporate culture means a low-hierarchy structure avoiding excessive bureaucracy. If you have something on your mind, you can – and should – give your boss a call, even when you’re “off-duty”.

We also enable job rotation for those who want a change of scenery. Once we’ve found a great guy or gal working for us, we’re not going to let them go easily.

The employee net promoter score (eNPS), measured in connection with our latest staff survey is also an indicator of the mutual trust. The eNPS tells you how likely the Vatupassi staff members are to recommend their workplace to the people they know. We scored +85 in 2023 (+76 in 2022), which is significantly higher than the average score (compared average +32,17).

We also recently hired an HR Coordinator, who makes sure that our employees are doing well and know their rights and benefits. We believe that you can never give the staff too much information internally.

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We here in Eastern Finland are a talkative bunch, and we love to chat about everything and anything. The following members of the Vatupassi team can do it smoothly in English too – so just give them a call or send them an email.

Marikki van Ooik, HR Specialist
+358 40 706 8454

You can find all the rest of our contact details in Finnish here.