Construction Site
Facility Installations

Starting a construction project and need good office, social, and break facilities for your workers? In addition to ordering site cabins, storage containers, and other necessary equipment, order our construction site facilities as a complete solution. There are as many space needs as there are construction sites, and we take them all into account. After the project is completed, we clean up after ourselves. Read more below!

No unnecessary fuss, and nothing will be missing! You'll get facilities that precisely meet your construction site's needs.
How are the cabins connected? And how can access routes be built between different levels? You won't have to bother with such questions unrelated to your work.
At the same time, plumbing works for the spaces are taken care of, and if needed, even underground pipes. You can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy a refill of your coffee in peace.
Come rain or shine, the construction site facilities will be set up at the agreed location and within the agreed timeframe. No unnecessary waiting, and no wrong tools!

How many people are moving around the construction site? Do you need separate social facilities for women? And how about ensuring the safety of workers, for example, during a pandemic? There are many little variables that should be taken into account when making a plan.

Once the needs of your construction site are clear, we’ll create a CAD-based plan, which we’ll get approved by you. The plan can include as many construction site facilities as necessary – whether on one, two, or three floors. Whether the project is in the rainy coastal regions or the freezing cold of Northern Finland, the facilities withstand demanding weather conditions. If you need cooling in the summer or additional heating in the winter, we also provide air heat pumps. The radiators are fixed in place in the cabins.


Is your construction site’s soil not prone to freezing? Great! Then we don’t need to do anything else before we start the groundwork. If necessary, we dig underground pipes. We transport and lift the cabins and containers into place. We make the necessary connections and trim the door frames. We construct walkways and, if needed, canopies in front of the doors.

And what about furnishings? Whether you need chairs, changing rooms, or a fridge for your spaces, we’ve got you covered! Or if you’re in need of a coffee break, we’ll provide a coffee maker. If cleaning the premises or clearing snow isn’t your core task, you can also outsource those to us.


Project successfully completed? Congratulations on that, but there’s still the matter of clearing up afterward. If you wish, we can take care of that too. We dismantle the site facilities and remove them from the site. We ensure that nothing unnecessary remains in the soil.

After our work, the site will be so tidy that it’s as if nothing had ever been there!


Tell us your concerns and desires, and let our experts find the best equipment and solutions tailored to your construction site needs.

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