Scaffolding Inspection

In Finland, the law requires that a qualified individual inspects the scaffolding on construction sites. This ensures responsible practices and prevents hazardous situations at heights.

Because we rent scaffolding, we think it’s only fitting that we also offer inspection services. Qualified Vatupassi personnel inspect job site scaffolding in compliance with legislation.

4 reasons
to get inspection
services from
Safety first – these matters are legally mandated. With Vatupassi's skilled inspectors and sturdy equipment, everyone can focus on their own tasks.
Why worry when you don't have to. You can sleep peacefully knowing that the safety aspects of the job site are in order.
And when job site safety is taken care of, work also flows smoothly and stays on schedule. After all, accidents don't exactly speed up the job's completion.
All of this saves time and money. So when the construction site is functioning well, everything goes smoothly. And when you're on schedule, there are no surprise costs.
Client's Responsibility on the Construction Site

Inspections of construction scaffolding are regulated by Finnish law*. Inspections must be conducted on construction sites as well as elsewhere where scaffolding is used. Please note that the client renting and using the scaffolding is the one responsible for the operational safety and its maintenance throughout the entire period of use.

Certified Vatupassi personnel inspect job site scaffolding in compliance with legislation. Regular inspections provide assurance that your construction site is safe and that you have fulfilled your responsibilities as an employer. This ensures that work proceeds safely and smoothly.

From Vatupassi’s scaffolding inspections, you will receive a clear inspection report detailing the conducted inspection.


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