Are you concerned about unexpected costs that may arise if one of your rental machines is damaged or stolen? Varmapassi, or Vatupassi’s safety service, protects your rented equipment, providing you with more peace of mind and protection for your daily business operations.

What is it?

Varmapassi protects and helps you limit potential damage costs by reducing your deductibles. Additional protection includes coverage for damage, theft, and vandalism (excluding windows, mirrors, lights, tires, chains, or misuse of the machine). This service is not insurance.

What does it

The rental agreement includes a 5% addition to the daily equipment rental price (excluding VAT). Since the coverage also applies when you are not working with the rental equipment, the fee is invoiced daily during the rental period and is valid 7 days a week. Enjoy your work and work worry-free.


The service fee is invoiced daily during the rental period (i.e., 7 days a week, including rental period off-days, weekends, and holidays). The maximum protected amount is 400,000 euros.

Your deductibles and equipment values:
Scope Rental property value EUR (excluding VAT) Deductible EUR (excluding VAT) % of the daily rental price of the equipment
XS >250 100 5%
S >10 000 250 5%
M >50 000 500 5%
L >100 000 2 000 5%
XL >200 000 – 400 000 4 000 5%

You can find the current deductible amounts for the safety service on this page. We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice. If you need more information about the safety service, please don’t hesitate to contact the Vatupassi team – we are happy to help you with this matter!


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