Mast Climber and
Construction Hoist Installation

We don’t just rent the equipment you need for facade work, we also offer installation services tailored to your needs. Tell us what you’re working on, and we’ll install and dismantle your mast climbers and hoists for you. After the project is completed, we clear up after ourselves. Read more about our service below!

When you tell us what you're working on and what your needs are, we'll figure out for you how mast climbers and hoists should be installed in your project.
Our sales representative visits the site to familiarize themselves with the construction site and ensure that the ground is suitable for installation work. This way, you can advance your project with peace of mind.
Once your project is completed, we clean up after ourselves and ensure that the construction site remains tidy. All of this on an agreed-upon schedule!
While we take care of the installation work, you can focus peacefully on the essentials, which is getting the job done.

Tell us what you’re working on. Are you laying bricks, plastering, or painting? Or perhaps you’re doing paneling or insulation work? Whatever your facade project entails, we’ll create a plan tailored to your needs and including the right tools.

When planning, we’ll discuss with you how heavy loads need to be lifted in the project. Loads can weigh from 1000 to 4500 kilograms. In terms of height, the sky’s the limit! Based on the floor plans and facade images you provide, we’ll determine the best placement for mast climbers and hoists. We can also suggest a masonry sequence for you. We’ll get your approval on the plan before starting the work.


Before delivering the mast climbers and hoists, our sales representative visits the site to ensure that the ground conditions are suitable for the installation work.

We deliver the mast climbers, hoists, and other equipment to the site in parts and install them on-site. We’ll discuss with you the most sensible way to move the structure around the construction site. We also take care of weather protection so that your work doesn’t get wet and sand doesn’t fly around.


When your project is completed, we dismantle the equipment and remove them from the construction site. We clear and clean up our mess. The site looks as if nothing had ever happened!


Tell us your concerns and desires, and let our experts find the best equipment and solutions tailored to your construction site needs.

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