Installation Services

Whether it’s electrical system devices or future traffic safety solutions, we’ll get the machines and equipment up and running for you. We install the devices according to your needs and plans, without compromising on safety. Our installation services cover a wide range of tasks, from installing traffic safety equipment to setting up generators, cables, and switchboards for events. Read more below!


The cost of installation work depends on the complexity of your project and the availability of our resources. Hourly rate for installation work is 79,00 per hour. Kilometers to the installation site are charged separately based on distance:

  • €1,20 per kilometer (excluding VAT)*
  • Per diem allowance for the entire day: €55 /person/day
  • Per diem allowance for half a day: €30 /person/day

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice based on economic conditions.


Tell us your concerns and desires, and let our experts find the best equipment and solutions tailored to your construction site needs.

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