Construction Site Heating

Construction site lacking temporary heating? In addition to equipment rental, we offer customized comprehensive solutions for construction site heating or humidity management-related issues. Planning, installation, maintenance, as well as dismantling and cleaning, all from one source. Learn more about our service below!

Why trouble yourself? Our knowledgeable planners survey and design a heating solution that, in the best-case scenario, saves you not only time but also considerable amounts of money and literal energy.
Focus on what matters — construction! Let us install and heat — with minimal disruptions to the rhythm of your construction site.
Temperatures dropping and heating systems acting up? Vatupassi's emergency service swiftly handles incidents at every turn!
Vatupassi's team dismantles and cleans up what they've installed! Leaving no trace behind on the construction site.

Vatupassi’s planners work with you to assess the square meters, cubic meters, height, and the desired duration of heating for the area. Often, pictures of the heated area are requested – they help anticipate potential challenges during the project and how to overcome them. Finally, the most efficient and suitable energy source for heating the area is selected. Options include fuel oil, electricity, district heating, liquefied petroleum gas, or sometimes even a combination of some of these.

Once the site’s needs are assessed and the plans based on them are presented and approved in person, our salesperson provides a quote. And then we get to work!


The heaters and equipment needed for on-site heating are always delivered ready for use. Vatupassi’s team also provides guidance on how to use the heaters – your responsibility is at most pressing a button or two. The cost of heating can be influenced by common sense in addition to the size and conditions of the construction site. When doors, windows, and walls are tightly sealed, heat doesn’t escape, saving energy and often money. As needed, we adjust on-site heating during the project as well. Sudden sub-zero temperatures of -30 degrees don’t faze us – we have the capacity and equipment regardless of the weather.

In addition to deliveries and installations, we also offer various maintenance services for on-site heating. We can handle the filter water changes for circulation heaters or replenish the gadgets needed for oil-fired heating even in the middle of the workday.


All good at the construction site and heating is no longer needed? Fantastic! Our installers will come and remove the equipment without disturbing the rhythm of the site. The disassembling is done so carefully that there won’t be a trace of Vatupassi left behind.


Tell us your concerns and desires, and let our experts find the best equipment and solutions tailored to your construction site needs.

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