Satu Rossi

Despite high expectations, Vatupassi surprised in a positive way

The Rental Manager of Vatupassi’s Kuopio offices, Satu Rossi, doesn’t beat around the bush. Her straightforward and concise manner of speaking is framed by the genuine warmth and sense of humour that she radiates. It’s easy to see why someone like Satu is perfect as the “skipper” of the Kuopio rental office.

We have a lot of fun at work. The work gets done, of course, but always with a smile on your face. There is no shortage of jokes! Satu enthuses.

Satu is Vatupassi’s first female Rental Manger. She herself doesn’t feel that having a woman in charge in such a male-dominated field is that big of a deal these days. It needs no justification.

The clients and co-workers, both here in Kuopio and in the other Vatupassi offices too, have welcomed me just like anybody else, without prejudice, Satu says.

Satu has been working in this field for about 10 years, and before joining Vatupassi, she was with another tool and equipment rental company for nearly 8 years. She had already heard a lot of good things about Vatupassi, and especially the people at Vatupassi, beforehand.

I knew the people here are just amazing and that everyone totally looks out for one another. My expectations about working here at Vatupassi were high to begin with, and still they managed to surprise in a very positive way! Satu says with a smile.

Especially the Kuopio staff of approximately ten people gets a lot of praise from the Rental Manager for their friendliness and cheerful service-minded attitude. According to Satu, in addition to helping the customers, people are always ready the help each other too. When you ask Satu why she chose to work at Vatupassi, instead of somewhere else, she becomes serious for a moment.

It’s the slogan that did it. Small enough for big quality. That pretty much says it all. One sentence that really sums up the essence of the company.

At Vatupassi, Satu likes the variety of her role. The Kuopio operations and all the staff there are her responsibility, but her workdays include more hands-on tasks, such as customer service, too. The Rental Manager rarely gets to experience two workdays that are alike.

Some of our customers are regulars, of course, so we do get the same faces coming in from time to time, but otherwise the days are pretty different from each other. Sometimes it’s just putting out fires, which I do like. If I’m needed, I’ll be there, Satu says with a laugh.

Published 20.12.2022.

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