Supporting youth sports

Vatupassi wants to support local top youth sports teams or crews – would you happen to know one? Every year we sponsor five different youth sports crews with something we like to call junnutonni (“Junior Grand”), i.e. a grant of one thousand euros per crew.

For us, being a top crew doesn’t mean that the team scores the most goals. A top crew is a community, where each individual feels good. As a family-owned company, we know how important the well-being of your own gang is, and we want to support teams who understand the importance of fair team spirit.

Every year, we look for youth sports teams, clubs or communities that act responsibly and show by their example and actions that they are indeed top crews. They can, for example, be tough on bullying, do carpooling, recycle sports equipment, encourage tolerance and non-discrimination or e.g. respect the nature.

We choose one top crew from each of the five Vatupassi towns (Joensuu, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Nurmes and Oulu) per year, and divide the sponsorship money reserved for that year equally between these teams. Each one of the five top crews receives a one-thousand-euro “junnutonni” grant.

The 2022 winners:

Joensuu: Karelia Golf juniors
The training groups are open to all juniors, regardless of age, gender, health etc. The junior coaches play an important role in building up and supporting the mental growth, interaction skills and self-confidence of the children they coach. Following the common rules, taking others into consideration, learning golf as a sport, as well the joy and fun, nutrition and physical training – they are all taken into account. Golfing equipment are being recycled and they organise a flea market for golf gear every summer. Golf clubs can also be borrowed from the Karelia Golf Club free of charge!

Jyväskylä: Jyväskylä Basketball Academy, girls’ team
“Our team’s goal is to offer young girls and women a safe place to grow and develop both as persons and as basketball players. Our dream is that our young players could combine their studies and playing basketball seamlessly together, without the pressure of being unsure whether their family can support them along their life path.”

Kuopio: Kuopio Ski Club ry
This specialised alpine skiing sports club trains all year round involving the whole family.  Carpooling and equipment recycling make it possible for everyone to enjoy this hobby! And the best thing is that even the parents are having fun.

Nurmes: Dance Studio SunShow
In Nurmes, people are exceptionally interested in and enthusiastic about dancing. Maybe the kind-hearted teaching style of dance instructor Sanna is encouraging everyone to try dancing and throw themselves into it. And that’s why the lessons are attended by dancers of all ages.

Oulu: Oulun Kärpät 46 ry U11 ice hockey team
In this team, the idea is that everyone is friends with each other. Even with the opposing teams! “When we play in the outdoor ice rink, it doesn’t matter which club you belong to or what age you are. Everybody’s welcome to join in.” This team has understood that children are different and everyone is accepted just the way they are. If anyone has a mishap, all the others rush over to check if their friend is alright.

The 2020 winners: 


Congratulations to all our winners!


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