Jukka and Anssi Törmälä

Employees our number one asset

The founder of Vatupassi and Chairperson of the Board Jukka Törmälä is like a tribal chief, the old wise one that speaks with a voice of experience. Anssi Törmälä, who in the autumn of 2019 left priesthood to join the management team at Vatupassi, in turn exudes understanding and gentleness, which makes him a very well-liked figure in the work community.

The father and son get along very well at work. Jukka has left the operational responsibility to the younger generation and focuses nowadays on the broad lines, such as the well-being of the staff, a subject very close to his heart.

Our employees are always our number one priority. We hold on to our team and know everybody. That’s why we have parties every year, into which the spouses are also invited. And you have to be fair to everyone, no matter what, Jukka says, and Anssi next to him agrees. – Taking care of our staff is a competitive edge for us. When everyone is well and happy, service to our customers is better. That’s how we want to stand out from the rest. It’s a challenging goal, but we’re on the right path.

Anssi, who has been the Occupational Health and Safety Representative and headed the Human Resources Committee, started straightaway developing the Vatupassi health and safety at work plans. Due to his background as a priest, Anssi also has a great capacity to listen and to hear people. Jukka is pleased with Anssi’s first months with the company.

Anssi has surprised us in an absolutely positive way. He has brought a new kind of methodical style of planning into the management team. And I’m happy when I can concentrate on more pleasing matters. Like changing cars, for example, Jukka chuckles, then gets serious again. – In 2011, we carried out a generational transfer of power, with my daughter Milla taking the helm of Vatupassi… and I have to say that it was pretty hard at first. But when it eventually dawned on me to actually let go, I could see that they know what they are doing. The company is in good hands. I have never thought about selling the business, it wouldn’t bring me bliss. I don’t need the money; I need this company. It’s really nice to follow things “from the sidelines”.

According to Anssi, Vatupassi today is a well-balanced company in a good place for moderate growth. They passed a big milestone when the number of employees exceeded thirty. In the future, it is important to maintain the high level of flexible service that Vatupassi is known for.

Since we are a smaller-sized operator, dealing with us is not complicated or rigid. It is important that all our customers are treated fairly. We keep what we promise and feel that nothing needs to be unnecessarily cumbersome, Anssi recaps.

Based on his vast experience, Jukka points out that maintaining a good reputation requires achieving a high success rate every day.

Positive feedback is spread by word of mouth, but you have to keep in mind, all the time, that a negative review is usually given more weight. A good reputation can be ruined in an instant. Our job is to help our customers and provide the best service every single day. We have succeeded in doing that very well.

Julkaistu 12.2.2020.

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