Aarni “Api” Voutilainen

Workmates from all walks of life

The Joensuu Area Sales Manager Aarni “Api” Voutilainen is a man with strong features and a voice to match – the kind of person who “owns” the place as soon as he walks in.  However, this jovial guy does not make you feel uncomfortable, but exudes trust. Api never runs out of stories, and he is indeed known at Vatupassi as the entertainer. There is never a dull moment with Api.

We had a company Christmas party at this spa once, and I decided to put on a Santa’s outfit. The next morning, someone from the spa called Milla and said that you guys must have had a blast, as we found a beard in the bottom of the pool, Api laughs.

The majority of Api’s job involves making arrangements and taking care of various things. Today, his morning started on a construction site measuring the place for a cargo lift, and usually his days are filled with fulfilling the customers’ needs. Api has done many different things in his career, from driving a truck to working at a repair shop. He joined Vatupassi in Jyväskylä, from where he moved back to his hometown Joensuu. He learned the job by doing it, just like so many other Vatupassi staff members.

I’ve got workmates from all walks of life. There is no training for this, so you just learn by doing. When I started here, I was more or less learning the ropes for the first year or so. It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but luckily, if I needed help, there were always more experienced people around. Now after eight years, I feel like I’ve got this.

For Api, the most important aspect of the job is maintaining the customers’ trust. The construction sites have a wide range of different needs and requirements and the schedules are tight. The pressure is really on sometimes, and it can even affect Api’s sleep.

When we’re in a tight spot, it’s no use to bury your head in the sand. You pick up the phone and sort things out. We have so much experience in our team and such good connections and networks that we’re not going to be at a loss, even if we get a surprising order sprang at us. I used to have sleepless nights, but nowadays I can just put my head back down on the pillow. Everything can and will be resolved in the morning, Api says with a smile.

It is important to Api that Vatupassi is a family-owned company. You would be hard-pressed to get him to work for a publicly listed company that measures success on a quarterly basis.

Vatupassi is the kind of place I could see myself retiring from. As long as I work in this field, I won’t be working for anyone else. I can’t do public companies. Here we have a great family spirit and us employees are well taken care of. With the right amount of friendly banter, you feel right at home. We have a special kind of spirit here with everyone knowing each other well. Even my own brother came to work here after me. There’s nothing better.

Published 12.2.2020.

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